What is Rugby?

All Blacks and America

Simply put, Rugby is a type of football.

The term football itself is by definition a broad term referring to all sports where a ball is kicked to score a goal. However, used colloquially it is a very specific term, referring to American football if you are in the United States or soccer if you’re abroad.

The objective of the sport of rugby is to score a try. A try is similar to a touchdown in American football, and is achieved by touching the ball to the ground behind the opposing team’s goal line. Teams can also earn points through conversions, penalty goals and drop goals.  each game lasts 80 minutes.

Goals can be kicked between the two posts similar to a field goal. However, this can be done during open play or as the result of a penalty.  The team that scores the try given the chance to score two additional points by kicking a conversion similar to an extra point in American football.

There are two types of Rugby. Rugby League and Ruby Union. Rugby became popular in the United Kingdom in the 1860’s when people started running the ball, and in 1895 the administration in charge of the sport split into two factions with the same rules. Rugby union is more popular world-wide. At a high level Rugby league’s rules tend to allow for a faster game.

Tom Cannavo’s simple scoring guide:

  • Rugby Union try: 5 points
  • Rugby League try: 4 points
  • Conversion in both: 2 points
  • a drop goal during open play – Union: 3 points
  • a drop goal during open play – League: 1 point