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The Top Countries For International Rugby

It’s 2015, The World Cup of Rugby is approaching. With that in mind let’s look at the top teams in International Rugby Play.


New Zealand – A constant at the top of the world rankings, also known as All Blacks. The team has won two World Cups in the short history of the trophy. They are also the current champions.

South Africa – Also known as the Springbooks, South Africa is a feared opponent and and easily has the most storied history. Their first World Cup appearance resulted in a championship and was critical in helping the country out of apartheid.

Ireland – Recently jumping up in the rankings, The Irish team is seeing its highest ranking in history. It consists of both Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.

England – With two World Cup Finals appearances and 26 Six Nations Championship victories, The English National Team is looking tough for 2015.

Australia – Also known as the Wallabies, Australia always seems to show up in the World Cup. They have won twice.

Wales – Another strong team, The Welsh also have 26 Six Nations Championship victories. Though they haven’t had the best showing in the World Cup, they are a force to be reckoned with.

France – France has a powerful team and have made the finals of the World Cup three times, losing all three times. They have only lost twice at home. This year’s World Cup is in England.

Scotland – The British are good at rugby, this much is evident. Their best showing in the World Cup, however, is fourth place.

Argentina – Not a country you associate with rugby, but they are internationally feared in the rugby world. As best team in the Americas by far their highest ranking was third in 2008.

Samoa – AKA Manu Samua. The country is well known for producing large athletic people and they love rugby. Just don’t ask them to play on Sunday, many are devout Christians.