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On The Fifa Scandal


Fifa has dominated the headlines since the end of last week when seven executives of soccer’s governing body were arrested together during a meeting on the upcoming elections for the organization’s President.

Of the 47 counts, not one involves Sepp Blatter, the organization’s newly re-elected President. The investigation by both the United States and Switzerland is ongoing, however. Blatter could still be indicted.

FIFA is well known internationally for its corrupt practices, and many in the soccer world are hoping that Blatter is eventually indicted. Critics of Fifa have pointed to their absolute monopoly and fault it for fostering corrupt practices and an inefficient market.

The charges were levied against a total of fourteen people connected to the corruption. Those charges include money laundering, racketeering, and conspiracy. The charges date back 24 years and include bribes to officials for marketing rights and World Cup bids.

Though Fifa’s corruption has been the worst kept secret among soccer fans and officials, the corruption within the organization was finally outed by the United States Department of Justice. Pretty much every soccer fan on social media pointed out the irony of The United States being the country to take them down since aren’t the best soccer fans. The investigation took place over a number of years and included a number of informants.

The Fifa World Cup is the biggest international sporting event in the world and is a huge money-maker for Fifa. The next two World Cups will be held in Russia and Qatar. Though the former is definitely suspect because of their own alleged corruption, the second is even more questionable.

Qatar is a small but rich country. It is on of the last dictatorships and survives on the sweat of the poor from nearby countries. In addition, during June and July when the tournament is held temperatures reach 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

More arrests are sure to come. Stay tuned!