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2015 Rugby World Cup Tickets


Is it too late to get your ticket for the 2015 Rugby World Cup? It isn’t if you have all the time or money in the world.

I’ve introduced and tracked a bit of the event as it nears, and it seems the enthusiasm surrounding it is at an all time high; tickets, now unavailable through official purchase through rugbyworldcup.com, are selling online for about $3000 (£2,000) and reaching sky-high prices of $30,000 (or £20,000). Most late-game purchasers are from England, the host country itself, but fans all over the world (the tournament spans the six major continents) are scouring wildly for an opportunity at low-costing tickets.

While some are complaining about the overwhelming time sitting on waiting lists (some having to wait over seven hours to see available tickets), others are more sympathetic to the organization, understanding that it is swamped with the unexpected influx of feverish fans. While a large batch of tickets was first released, newly available tickets are being sold on a first-come-first-serve basis, and the very high demand can scarcely be met by the unequal supply. With only five months between today and the start of the tournament, prices can only be expected to rise, and anybody who has followed the course of ticket prices knows that means scary news. Is there no limit to what people will pay to see the best squads compete for the Webb Ellis trophy?

For the 2011 Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand, ticket sales went on sale in late April for a tournament that began in September—when it will begin this year. That means fans are being held ticketless even with the association’s adjustment to allow for earlier sales.

Whatever the price, it looks as if some may have to wait until the tournament starts for more to be obtainable.